RONS Creation, Part 2

Ron's Org Frankfurt
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Vlad Kaydakov
Ron's Org "Navigator" (Russia, Moscow)
5 October 2022
In Part 1 we talked about the formation of the Ron's Org Wiesbaden, and in this one we will talk about how the still thriving Ronsorg Frankfurt-am-Main was established.
The tour through the history of Ron's Org Frankfurt-am-Main began with Free Zone oldtimer Walter Müller who, with his wife Olga, showed us the very first location of the beginnings of Free Scientology Frankfurt.

This was continued by another Free Zone oldtimer, Otfried Krumpholz, who has long served as a case supervisor for the Frankfurt organization.
And at the end of our tour, Otfried and his wife Nastya brought us to the place where the Frankfurt Ron's Org provides the present.

About all this is in our article. Enjoy reading!
Ron's Org Frankfurt
The place where Bill Robertson delivered his first technical briefing
In the early 1980s, there was a Church of Scientology mission in the city of Frankfurt-am-Main. It was located in a beautiful mansion on Kennedy Alley, and it was doing very well.

The mission had about 30 staffs who rented their own place next door.
In 1984, the Church of Scientology split and a large wave of Scientologists left.

One of those missionaries was Doro Richter. She rented an apartment across the street from the mission a hundred yards away. And it was at Doro's apartment that the outgoing and doubting Scientologists began to meet and fellowship. Doro was the anchor point that brought them together.
Doro Richter, 1983
Bill Robertson came talking to them, training and auditing began, Bill case-supervised.

In this apartment Doro and the Ron's Org of Frankfurt arose.

Bill Robertson delivered his first Technical Briefing in the apartment of another former missionary, Franz Fiedler, but it was here that the training, training and auditing itself began, separate from the Church.
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Bill Robertson conducted his famous "Telepathy Seminar" in Germany only twice. It was his second time at Doro's apartment. According to Walter, he, Doro, Maria Maloney (CBR's common-law wife and communicator), Franz, and Bill himself took part.
Ron's Org Frankfurt began to proliferate. Elke began to work with Doro as a staff member. The organization moved from Doro's apartment to an office where no one lived anymore, and the entire room was given exclusively to the needs of the organization.
Subsequently, Doro and Elke went their separate ways. Doro began to work separately, and Elke became CO of the Ron's Org.
As the years passed, the organization changed several locations. Elke went on maternity leave and gave the work to her staff: management to Ulli Schneck and case-supervision to Otfried Krumpholz.
And as a result, Ron's Org Frankfurt acquired a beautiful room in its own right. Now they no longer have to rent, now everything is all their own.

Otfried and Nastja Krumpholz arranged for us to visit the existing organization.
It's in the pretty little town of Karben, near Frankfurt (20-30 minutes from the center of Frankfurt). The Ron's Org has its own 240 square meter, three-story building. There's plenty of room to spread out!
Ronsorg Frankfurt am Main has come a long way from Doro Richter's apartment next neighborhood with the Church of Scientology mission to her own plot of land with a 240;meter three-story house, parking and a comfortable courtyard.

The organization has a history, staff with great# experience and expertise. Unlike Ron's Org Wiesbaden, it has survived, grown strong and is ready to flourish. You can visit their website.

Bill Robertson would be pleased.

П. S. A little sad story about the very mission of the Church of Scientology where Doro Richter and other Scientologists left off.

As you remember, the mission holders owned a beautiful mansion on Kennedy Alley. Later, after the split, the mission decided to move and rented an expensive glass building on a major arterial road in a good quarter. Of course, the lease didn t work out, and they#would#huge#losses and go bankrupt if their Scientology#creditors#claimed their money back. They had to move in a much cheaper place in the red light district. The fate of the mission was unremarkable.