RONS Creation

Part 1: Ron's Org Wiesbaden and Developing of Upper OT levels by Bill Robertson
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Vlad Kaydakov
Ron's Org "Navigator" (Russia, Moscow)
6 September 2022
What did I know in my 1997 about the creation of the Ron's Org after the disappearance of Ron Hubbard and the split in the Church of Scientology? Just a few lines about Hubbard's second-in-command, Bill Robertson, traveling around Europe bringing together the breakaway Scientology groups, launching Ron's Orgs and developing OT levels above OT 7 based on LRH technology. That's it: no mass, no details.

This went on until 2022, when Free Zone oldtimers Walter Müller and Otfried Krumpholz showed us "battlefields of glory" with commentary.

This article will show you pictures of the places where Captain Bill researched OT levels, where the first Ron's Org Scientologists gathered, lived, studied, audited and rested.
We, Vlad and Oksana Kaydakov, are very grateful to Walter and Olga Mueller, who met us at the airport and gave us a tour.

Walter told us that the country where the largest number of Ron's Orgs were first formed was Germany. After the split in Church of Scientology, four main groups of Scientologists arose: first in Frankfurt am Main, then in Wiesbaden, Gros-Umstadt and Munich.
Walter Müller lived with his girlfriend in Wiesbaden in his younger years, and together they studied in the Church of Scientology.

Unexpectedly for Walter, the girlfriend suddenly left the Church in 1984 to join the organization of Ulrich Kramer (known to Scientologists by his three books under the pseudonym L. Kin), which was nearby. Walter parted ways with his girlfriend as a squirrel and continued to do Scientology in the Church for several more years.

In 1987 the Church sent him to the PTS/SP course, and upon completion of the course Walter realized that the source of the suppression was in the Church itself and left it. The EP was achieved correctly).

Walter was acquainted with Franz Fiedler and so he joined his Ron's Org in Gross Umstadt city. . Incidentally, it was in the apartment of this Franz that Bill Robertson gave his first Technical Debrief (of course, even before Walter came to FZ).

It is interesting to note that Ulrich Kramer later told Walter that that former girlfriend who went over to Ulrich's organization turned out to be a spy for the Church of Scientology.
Ron's Org Wiesbaden
The place where Bill Robertson began developing the highest OT levels
The organization in Wiesbaden began with Ulrich Kramer and Bill Robertson co-auditing and giving each other sessions on OT 7 NOT (New Era Dianetics for OT), exploring various reasons why many Church Scientologists were stuck at this level.

The goal was to increase its effectiveness by applying Hubbard's technology more precisely. And then based on this research, Bill Robertson released SuperNOTs ("Excalibur").

Ulrich Kramer lived in  Wiesbaden and was the full-time Commanding officer of the organization, while Bill lived with Maria Malony about an hour away by motorcycle and came for a day or at# most he could stay overnight at the Anushka Hotel, which was next door to the organization.
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Ulrich Kramer created a beautiful Ron's Org in Wiesbaden where he lived. A wonderful building, a spacious office, a comfortable cafe and restaurant right on the first floor, a pleasant hotel and a chic park within walking distance.

Bill Robertson and Ulrich Kramer conducted co-auditing in a room with a balcony, exploring OT levels, which Bill then published.

Bill Roberston lived within an hour's drive and would travel by day (seldom overnight) to C/S preclears and OT and talk personally with Scientologists.

It was also at the Ronsorg of Wiesbaden where Captain Bill held Excalibur meetings, that is, discussion meetings for those who had been on OT 8 Excalibur level and above.

Of course, Maria Melony the CBR's common-law wife and communicator often came to Wiesbaden.

A few years later Ulrich Kramer and Bill Robertson parted ways. Ulrich withdrew from Scientology. He is alive and still practicing as the psychologist he was before#nbspScientology.

After Ulrich withdrew from Scientology, Ron's Org Wiesbaden ceased to exist, forever inscribing his glorious name in the history of free Scientology.