Welcome to a training camp in Switzerland near Max and Erica Hauri
What is it and who are they?
Training Camp is two weeks of intensive auditing, training and relaxation.
Max and Erica Hauri are the founders of the world's most highly qualified Scientology organization called Ron's Org Grenchen in Switzerland.
    We call the camp in Switzerland "GROC" for short. This is a transliteration of GROC: Grenchen Ron's Orgs Camp.

    Which Ron's Orgs meant? Any. :)

    This camp was founded by Ron's Org Navigator and Ron's Org Theta Space. But we welcome all who like our atmosphere and policies!
      Why go to the GROC?
      The benefits of any camp:
      The benefits of any camp:
      • 1
        You're breaking away from domesticity.
        You have left your country, there has been a change of scenery, and all your worries have been left at home. All your energies are devoted to Scientology and rest.
      • 2
        You practice every day, and it has a cumulative effect.
        According to our experience over the years, 2 weeks of camp equals 4-6 months of training on Saturdays in the city.
      • 3
        New friends
        Scientologists rent an apartment together and spend evenings. It's very bonding and  friendly.
      • 4
        New reality
        Staying in a Scientology circle for a couple of weeks has the interesting effect of disconnecting you from the familiar world and its problems. You live in a group where there#is#no#drinking, where there#is#almost#no#fighting, among friendly like-minded people, among an easy, pleasant understanding in which one relaxes. It is a very striking experience by feedback from most people. Then you miss this kind of thing and want more.
      • 5
        Introduce us to your friends and relatives
        It is a good and non obligatory way to introduce your relatives to Scientologists.

        You invite them with yourself, they relax on excursions, and you learn and spend part of the day with them. So you get to do Scientology without taking time off from your family vacation. In addition, your family can talk with Scientologists in an informal setting.

        And of course we#have#no compulsive desire to get them into#our classes. Who wants to please, and if not, we#can talk fine without it.
      The unique advantages of the GROC
      The unique advantages of the Camp in Switzerland:
      • 1
        You may get L Rundowns auditing
        If you re a preclear of L rundowns, then by rule your auditor can only do them alongside Case Supervisor Erica Hauri (because that auditing is more difficult than others and requires more precise case supervising). So your auditor would receive case supervision in Ron's Org Grenchen, and you would receive auditing as a member of the camp.
      • 2
        You may study 2WC course and FPRD course
        The Two-Way Communication Auditor Course and the False Purpose Rundown Auditor courses are only available directly from Max and Erica due to their complexity. Our camp does not provide these courses. So if you want to take them, you have to pay Ron's Org Grenchen's for study. But you can live together with our campers to save on lodging and to have more fun.)

        Being a Ron's Org Grenchen student is a great experience. You ll spend time with Max and Erica, who have completed the Bridge, who studied with Bill Robertson (Deputy Hubbard), who have nearly 50 years of Scientology giving experience.

        So you can come and learn at the same time as we hold our camp.
      • 3
        Interesting to see Max and Erica's house and Ron's Org
        Since our camp will be in the neighborhood, Max and Erica, as hospitable hosts, may invite us to tour their home, and perhaps take a walk together through the beautiful surroundings, as they love to do.
      • 4
        Neutral territory for all
        Scientologists from countries in conflict can meet at the camp. This is an opportunity for Russians and Ukrainians to meet and practice together.
      • 5
        Friendship with Foreign Scientologists
        Ron's Org Grenchen is an international organization. Max and Erica are visited by Scientologists from all over the world. Greece, Japan, Germany, Spain, Argentina, France, Mexico... You can invite them over for tea, or even have big parties. Feel part of the world movement.
      Max and Erica don't participate in camp: they don't come to Musters, they don't provide services to campers, etc.

      We conduct the camp in apartments we rent near them, but not in Ron's Org Grenchen itself.

      The L Rundowns' auditors get case-supervision as Ron's Org Grenchen field auditors, but otherwise Max, Erica, and the Ron's Org Grenchen staff do not participate in camp.

      We don't hire them, which allows us to make participation in camp free!
      We've already done one test camp in September 2022, and now we'll tell you how it was.
        How our first GROC went
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        A beautiful town
        A beautiful town
        Max and Erica's organization is located at 7 Mazzinistrasse, Grenchen, Switzerland.
        Inexpensive accommodation and meals
        Inexpensive accommodation and meals
        We were helped to rent an apartment five minutes away. We paid 26 francs per day per person (double occupancy, about 1,800 Russian rubles per day).
        Happy Learning and Auditing
        Happy Learning and Auditing
        Vlad and Oksana have been preclears and students of Ron's Org Grenchen. Receiving auditing and training at Ron's Org Grenchen is an amazing pleasure. Scientology at its highest level of provision. And campers were allowed to take Ron's Org Grenchen classes and experience this wonderful atmosphere!
        Excursion with Max and Erica to the town of Solothurn
        Excursion with Max and Erica to the town of Solothurn
        Max and Erica took us on an excursion to a temple set up in the mountain and to the town of Solothurn with its beautiful ancient architecture.
        Excursion with Max and Erica to a nearby mountain
        Excursion with Max and Erica to a nearby mountain
        Max and Erica took us to the mountain under which Grenchen is located. We were able to admire the Grenchen from above and also see the Alps. Very picturesque!
        Self-guided tour in Zurich
        Self-guided tour in Zurich
        On Tuesdays we had the day off, so we took the train to Zurich for a walk. We bought a special ticket that allowed us to use any transport for 49 francs during the day.
        During the two weeks of camp we had time to celebrate Sergey's birthday, Lada's birthday, and hang out at a party in our honor that Max and Erica organized.
        We invite you to a trip that you will remember for the rest of your life
        January 11 to 25, 2023.

        Arrival on January 10, departure January 27.
        We've tried to take care of everything
        Services at the camp
        Training in Russian and in Ukranian
        At your service are three training units with supervisors Navigator and Theta Space.
        Auditing L rundowns
        If your Ron's Org auditor is not yet qualified to provide L rundowns, you can get L rundowns from Vlad or Oksana at the direction of your case supervisor.
        Camp staff
        • Vlad Kaydakov
          Camp CO, L 11 Auditor student
        • Romchay
          Camp president
        • Oksana Kaydakova
          Case Supervisor, Examiner, Attestator, L 10, 11 and 12 Auditor, Supervisor
        • Amina Sadykova
        • Lada Chudnenko
        Timetable for theory and practice classes
        Tuesday is a day off.
        1 unit
        2 unit
        3 unit
        Inexpensive, considering that it -Switzerland
        Tickets for the plane: individually, you buy them yourself.

        Tickets for the train from Zurich to Grenchen: 50 francs there and 50 francs back, total 100 francs, you buy yourself.

        Rent of an apartment, double occupancy: around 26 Francs per day (from our experience). Pay to the organizers of the camp.

        Participation in the camp: free of charge.

        Training: the cost of the course plus 14 thousand rubles/person for all 14 days in a group of 4 students.
        Video with the details of staying at the GROC
        Watch Romchay's conversation with Vlad Kaydakov when he was in Grenchen in the very first GROC. Vlad shares his impressions of his stay in Switzerland and conveys the theta atmosphere of one of the most important places for Scientology Freezone!
        Ron's Org Grenchen's website.
        How do I ask a question or submit an application?
        Vlad Kaydakov in Whatsapp or in Telegram
        +7 (901) 520-04-28


        Romchay in Telegram @romchay