Story about our visit to Switzerland to Max and Erica Hauri
Who are they?
Max and Erica Hauri are the founders of the world's most highly qualified Scientology organization called Ron's Org Grenchen in Switzerland.
    How our visit went
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    A beautiful town
    Max and Erica's organization is located at 7 Mazzinistrasse, Grenchen, Switzerland.
    Inexpensive accommodation and meals
    We were helped to rent an apartment five minutes away. We paid 26 francs per day per person (double occupancy, about 1,800 Russian rubles per day).
    Happy Learning and Auditing
    Vlad and Oksana have been preclears and students of Ron's Org Grenchen. Receiving auditing and training at Ron's Org Grenchen is an amazing pleasure. Scientology at its highest level of provision. And other guests were allowed to take Ron's Org Grenchen classes and experience this wonderful atmosphere!
    Excursion with Max and Erica to the town of Solothurn
    Max and Erica took us on an excursion to a temple set up in the mountain and to the town of Solothurn with its beautiful ancient architecture.
    Excursion with Max and Erica to a nearby mountain
    Max and Erica took us to the mountain under which Grenchen is located. We were able to admire the Grenchen from above and also see the Alps. Very picturesque!
    Self-guided tour in Zurich
    On Tuesdays we had the day off, so we took the train to Zurich for a walk. We bought a special ticket that allowed us to use any transport for 49 francs during the day.
    During the two weeks of our stay we had time to celebrate Sergey's birthday, Lada's birthday, and hang out at a party in our honor that Max and Erica organized.
    Ron's Org Grenchen's website.